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Procurement Management & Services

One of the best ways to strengthen sustainability is through the implementation of sound procurement management policies and processes. Ineffective and inadequate procurement management processes (and influence of management behavior on these processes) can lead to failure. T4S Solutions will assist you in maintaining or reducing cost and managing supply chain risk by improving processes and adherence to best practice guidelines.

T4S Solutions provides the following services

  • Assessment Services

Assessing the strength and impact of your procurement policies and processes against your strategic objectives

  • Process Optimisation

Reviewing the procurement function contribution to the organisation’s value chain with a view to driving operational excellence by identifying and eliminating control deficiencies and reducing ineffective processes and practices.

  • Procurement Technology Services

Our technology solutions will provide you with tools to support the optimisation of your procurement management processes and policies.

procurement management
procurement management

Procurement Bidder Support Services

Tender bids are usually compiled by a bid team ideally consisting of a number of skilled individuals who are responsible for collating the supporting material, conceptualising the solution, drafting the bid submission document(s) and making the sales pitch. Many smaller organisations do not have the human resources to commit such an experienced team to the submission of a bid and therefore tend to produce inferior bids in comparison with larger competing organisations.

T4S Solutions provides the following services.

  • Assessing bid requirements against availability of resources within client organisation to ensure capacity to deliver.
  • Coordination of bid project activities and bid team.
  • Drafting of bid responses and submission documents.
  • Pricing and service delivery modelling to ensure competitiveness and successful implementation.


Procurement Contracting Support

Contracting can be a very challenging task. Contracts are filled with legal jargon and terminology which can be confusing to those who are not legal experts. Often smaller entities feel pressured to accept the terms stipulated by bigger entities due to a lack of expertise on the matter. T4S Solutions have properly qualified consultants ready to assist you with:

  • Contract Review

We review each contract based on your risk tolerance and provide suitable recommendations.

  • Contract Drafting

Our team will assist you in creating a contract that encapsulates the negotiated business terms while at the same time ensuring that future elements relating to the continued business relationship are incorporated.

  • Contract Negotiation

The negotiation process is often fraught with differences and impasses which can lead to a bad deal or unwanted consequences. We will help you negotiate better terms and conditions that will help you avoid broken contracts, damaged relationships and an injured reputation.


Procurement Contract Implementation Plans

After the successful award of a bid, the next step is to ensure that detailed service delivery and implementation plan is developed and implemented. There are numerous complexities involved in taking up a new contract. Our consultants will assist you with the following:

Deployment Plan and Contract Management Strategies

Deployment and contract management plans must be practical and must take into account the complexity, size, value and scope of the contract. Deployment usually entails a balancing act between systematic implementation and flexibility when required.  

Contract Management

Thorough administrative practices and continuous ongoing monitoring and evaluation are vital elements of the process. We will assist you with creating templates for records that will allow you to demonstrate efficient and effective service delivery. We will also provide you with reporting tools that will enable you to objectively assess risks and impacts, effectiveness, efficiencies and cost control.

Contract retention plans

The focus of retaining existing contracts should be as important as securing new contracts. We will assist you in developing contract retention plans that will enable you to develop good communication with your customer to improve relationship quality. A good contract retention plan will enable you to assess customer satisfaction and performance against SLA’s (service level agreements), identify and proactively resolve contract issues, respond to customer complaints and develop improvement initiatives.


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