Point of Sale Application

T4S Point of Sale Application

The T4S Point of sale application is designed with flexibility in mind to cater to a broad range of needs in both the retail and food and beverage sectors with full customization to individual business needs.

The application be used with any Windows device using Microsoft Office enabling use on a wide range of devices within your store environment, with the option of storing all your data on-premise or in the cloud. Access your live sales data from anywhere in the world.

T4S POS allows you to record and analyse sales data and trends to aide in informed decision making by generating detailed sales reports. Using our business analytics add-ons T4S POS provide quick snapshots and charts on your store’s sales performance.

With T4S POS you can easily

  • Scan and count products digitally.
  • Manage your stock by creating product variations (size, color).
  • Identify pieces of inventory with a unique serial number.
  • Track inventory levels across multiple locations.
  • Track employee performance.

In conjunction with the other applications and add-ons in the T4S suite features include menu engineering, tracking customer habits and keeping in touch with customers and the ability to capture customer information such as name, age, birthday, phone number and email address and scale up on marketing channels and more.


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